Im back

2008-08-16 01:27:03 by Datnoob

Ive been gone for a logn time as you can see but im back with 2 new Songs, Tropical Holiday and Dearly Beloved. Both of these are Remixes, i hope you enjoy them and later bring on more songs for you to enjoy!

Yes thats right my "Album is being released sometime in April, All that needs to be done is to Grab Guitar Pro 5 for one of my Songs, and well Piano and perhaps some rapping or singing in 2 other Songs!!

Also the Album Art also needs to be Created aswell! Right now im busy Playing WoW changing all of my Songs "Artist name" from my Actual name to My Account Name. If you have a song with my Actual Name, well meh, i dont care XDD.

My Music

2008-03-27 19:27:29 by Datnoob

Hello everyone, yes ive may of said im making an Album, those who laughed at my music coz its crap, i understand you, im purely a novice at FL Studios, i want to try out a different program, I know people think why am i making an album when my music is really crap, i should be used to people saying my work is shit, coz it happens to me everyday, but that shouldn't make people start supporting me. I want to get better at this, just simple helpful advice and stuff like that can help me. Those who have been on my myspace page and have listened to the songs on there, thank you, even if it was that bad that your ears actually did bleed.