Bloodlake Album realesing this Month!!!!!

2008-03-29 03:24:00 by Datnoob

Yes thats right my "Album is being released sometime in April, All that needs to be done is to Grab Guitar Pro 5 for one of my Songs, and well Piano and perhaps some rapping or singing in 2 other Songs!!

Also the Album Art also needs to be Created aswell! Right now im busy Playing WoW changing all of my Songs "Artist name" from my Actual name to My Account Name. If you have a song with my Actual Name, well meh, i dont care XDD.


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2008-06-27 01:02:39

This isn't pertaining to your news post, but I want to know if I might be able to help out with that hl2 mod. I know it has been a few months (I saw it in the main menu music's description). If you are still interested, I would like to try to help out, just PM me back knowing what you're locking for (or to tell me that your over that now). I've been mapping for a while, and I have some decent understanding with working with mods.